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Top 10 reasons to choose Midwest Holistic Dentistry:

  1. More than 30 years of dedicated Biological and Holistic Dental care experience. Dr Johnson has not placed a mercury/silver/amalgam filling since leaving dental school in 1984.
  2. Our office is the only office in the mid-west with a mercury removal safe/clean room.
  3. We see many patients that are chemical sensitive. Our staff does not wear perfume and we do not have candles burning or have a chemical smell to our office.
  4. Your body is natural, so your dentist should be natural too. Dr Johnson has always been concerned about what dental materials are placed in the mouth and the overall effect to the body, that is why he takes hundreds of hours of continuing education keeping up on the latest technologies and materials. Also we work with Clifford Consulting Group and Bio-Comp Laboratories for patients who want to know what materials their body is compatible with.
  5. We have created a Stress-Free atmosphere for you! Our staff gives each patient exceptional customer service at every visit. We are happy to serve our patients water, room tempeture or cold, hot teas and coffees, orange, apple or v-8 juice and we always have fresh fruit on hand along with gluten-free bars.
  6. We genuinely care for each one of our patients. We appreciate our patients making the drive to come see us, whether you are driving five minutes or three hours (which is what our average patients drives) We appreciate you!
    Dr Johnson is conservative! He will not remove good tooth structure just to get the job done and move onto the next patient. Dr Johnson will tell you he is the not the fastest dentist in town and he does not want to be! He is a perfectionist on everything he does. Dr. Johnson does all of the dental work himself, except for dental cleanings, and he makes the time to discuss with you options if you do need any dental work
  7. We only see patients by appointment and we will see you on time. We understand everyone’s busy schedule, so we do not have a waiting room full of people to see.
  8. When removing the mercury/amalgam/silver fillings we always provide each patient with oxygen to breathe while Dr Johnson and his assistant wear respirators. We use cold water spray to minimize the mercury vapors, we always use a dental dam/surgical shield for your teeth being worked on so you do not swallow any filling material, bacteria, toxins or decay, you will wear glasses to protect your eyes, a blanket will be placed over you to protect your clothing, so you will not take the mercury dust home with you and place in your washing machine, we have in place special suctions in the mercury removal safe room to collect all of the toxins along with air purifiers throughout the office.
  9. You can put your mind to rest in our office. We are Fluoride-Free, Fragrance-Free, Latex-Free, Gluten-Free, No VOC in our office paints, BPA-Free fillings and we do not perform root-canals. We have in place Digital X-rays which are 90% less radiation for you and our staff. We provide Metal-Free Braces, Metal-Free Implants, Metal-free Crowns and Bridges, Metal-free Partials and Dentures and we are always happy to work with your Homeopathic Doctor and Chirporactor