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Fluoride-Free Cleanings

Oral Health Includes Oral Hygiene.
Dental hygiene appointments are also known as “cleanings” because the teeth are thoroughly cleaned as part of the dental hygiene process. While regularly scheduled cleanings by a hygenist are important, your oral health is more than just about having clean teeth. The integrity of your teeth and gums are also reviewed during a hygiene visit in order to prevent or treat periodontal disease and oral cancer.

At Midwest Holistic Dentistry of Columbus, your overall health is important to us, so after a gentle cleaning we will make sure you are aware of your oral health and what options you can or should consider to improve your oral hygiene and overall health.

Fluoride-Free Cleanings

An important part of oral health is recognizing how treatments to your mouth can affect the rest of the body. That is why Dr. Johnson and Midwest Holistic Dentistry has ended the use of fluoride in favor of subgingival irrigation and other fluoride-free treatments throughout every phase of our practice. The latest research shows that these fluoride-free treatments are superior for overall health to those that include fluoride, and that having a fluoride free dental office is of great benefit to our patients.

Preventative Care

Regularly scheduled cleanings are meant to prevent oral disease by removing harmful plaque and tartar (calculus) build up surrounding and within your gum line. You can also work to prevent oral disease through early detection and treatment. During your checkup you will be screened for many potential threats to your oral health. Your Midwest Holistic Dentistry hygienist is a highly trained professional who can evaluate your teeth and gums, both visually and through the use of digital x-rays and intraoral cameras to discover threats to your oral and general health.